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Coco Thong Debate!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Which Picture of Nicole Austin, Coco, is the hottest? Debate time....

We'll call the first Coco pic, "Coco Cola". Coco Cola is a staged pic, lighted to perfection, and airbrushed. Its theme is to make you thirsty for Coco's luscious booty, and to cast every sexy inch of her in an erotic light. Coco in this pic is saying, "I am a sex terminator and I have been well equipped." Well done my friends. Well done.

This next pic is called, "Coco is Yamahot" This is pic of Coco, that is supposed to less overtly sexual and more alluring than "Coco Cola". In the above pic she is saying, "I'm gonna tear you apart. Enter at your own risk." In the Yamahot pic, she is saying, "I am a beautiful woman, who wants to be treated like a beautiful woman. Howver, once I have you, I am going to tear you apart like a bag of ruffles."

This really wasn't a contest: The Winner........Coco Cola!!!

If you think those are hot pics, here are three that could possible beat Coco Cola in the next Debate:

Melyssa Ford at the Beach. Incredible.

Vida showing her full repertoire

Meagan Good. Amazing stomach and rack. Amazing

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